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Bridge Carson (...[ profile] bridge_carson)
* Is a recently graduated alumni who's been here since day one. My claim to FH fame is that I have been here longer than anyone... even if only by a few hours. STILL.
* Is a mostly-non-practicing Jew.
* Is incredibly cheerful and a mechanical genius and I'm REALLY REALLY SAD that he and Kaylee never got to meet even though they worked in the same store because a conversation between the two of them would've been hilarious.
* Is kind of eccentric. I say this in the nicest way possible. Some people think outside the box? I'm pretty sure Bridge doesn't even know there *is* a box. He approaches problems from odd angles and more often than not turns out to be right. He also doesn't really *get* sarcasm, which is hilarious considering he:
* Is married to the best husband ever.
* Currently lives in Newtech City in the year 2023 with aforementioned husband.
* He and [ profile] multiplez are cadets at SPD Academy and Power Rangers- Green and Yellow, respectively. The two of them and the rest of their squad are currently the only protection Earth's got from the evil Emperor Gruumm.
* Is best friends with [ profile] futurebucs_star and [ profile] multiplez
* Has psychic powers of ridiculous proportions. Seriously, canon never felt the need to give him limits, and in fact tended to introduce some new facet of his powers every time the plot needed it. So that's how come he wears the gloves all the time, since I'm going with the never-directly-stated-but-heavily-implied interpretation that the gloves block out most of the psychic feedback he'd be getting on a near-constant basis since he can't actually shut his powers *off*.
* Wiggles his fingers every time he says the word "buttery". It's ingrained in his cellular makeup.
* Has rather a lot of bullet points. I blame the whole "playing him as an active student character for three years straight" thing.

Carmela ([ profile] grenfelzer)
* Is also from the most recent crop of graduates, though she left Fandom earlier.
* Is currently spending some time exploring the Sagittarius Arm of our lovely Milky Way Galaxy before heading to Rirhath B to take up an apprenticeship at the Crossings Intercontinual Worldgating Facility.
* Is one of the only human non-wizards to be fluent in the Speech, which is the language wizards use.
* Is therefore not only capable of speaking to anyone but also anything, since everything, living or not, can understand the Speech.
* Has two weapons: the fact that her skill with the Speech means she's very, very good at talking others around to seeing things her way, and a laser dissociator. Her negotiation skills got a team of ruthless bounty hunters to turn on the being who'd hired them, and the dissociator blew up an incarnation of the Lone Power (who is exactly what he sounds like, yes).
* Is from the same timeline as [ profile] hotceltogoth.
* Has a younger brother who's a wizard, which is how she got in to the whole Speech thing. She considers it her mission in life to both annoy the pants off Kit and make sure he stays out of trouble (or, at least, be around to help him get out of the trouble he's bound to get into).
* Has been known to flirt with just about anyone male and sentient, regardless of species. Seriously, there's this whole thing with her and a talking tree.
* Has an acronym for a middle name.

Wes ([ profile] nottheclone)
* Is ridiculously rich and the heir not only to a family fortune, but also his dad's research company, Bio-Lab.
* Is thus kind of a daddy's boy who's used to doing exactly what his father wants/expects of him. Fandom's kind of a refreshing change with no one reporting his every move back to Mr. Collins.
* Is from 1991.
* Can be kind of stuck-up but not out of any sort of meanspiritedness, just a cluelessness born from never having to really work for anything, though he considers living up to his father's exacting expectations "work" after a fashion.
* Turned in to a vending machine that one time.
* Has a hopeless crush on that girl who might've had a thing with a future version of himself had one of them spoken the hell up.
* Has a clone.

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The fact that Wes is from the year I graduated high school scares me. Also hi, please kill people for me.

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*clings to Bridge!*


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