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Sleep was something Bridge hadn't been getting a lot lately, not with the way SPD had been stretched thin by the mysterious disappearances. Of course, no one but those who'd spent a significant amount of time in Fandom had any inkling that things hadn't always been that way. So when they'd finally managed to stave off Gruumm's latest attack on Newtech City, Bridge's eyes had closed the second his head had hit the pillow. Even if the whole imminent-crisis thing meant the plans he'd made for Xander's birthday weren't gonna happen, he still had hopes they'd be able to get some time together.

Of course, that kind of went all to hell when morning came along. Something about his quarters just felt wrong, a fact which woke him up in a hurry. The sense of utter wrongness only intensified as Bridge looked around the room, taking in minor details- or rather, the absence of minor details. The room contained absolutely nothing that even hinted of the life he and Xander had built together.

And his ring-

his ring was gone, too.

Bridge would never admit it to anyone, but right now there was a small, selfish part of him that really wished they'd been able to just run away to Fandom. But he was a Ranger, a part of Earth's last line of defense, and whatever was coming? He'd be there to meet it.

[ooc: establishy, but can be open for thems who might be in THE FUTURE or trying to contact THE FUTURE.]
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