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Saturday mornings were, generally speaking, for sleeping in as long as possible (which really isn't that long, given that he's got work today). Well, or for random transformation-related weirdness to strike the island, but right now Bridge is unaware of anything like that occuring and so there's just the sleeping.

Hahahahaha, not for long. )

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Saturday mornings were, generally speaking, for sleeping in as long as possible (which really isn't that long, given that he's got work today). Well, or for random transformation-related weirdness to strike the island, but right now Bridge is unaware of anything like that occuring and so there's just the sleeping.
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Once again, there are two guys, a couch, and a phone. This time around, though, the plan is for less teasing and more, well. Planning. There's still snacks, because they're guys and that means there's almost never a *bad* time for snacks- besides, they didn't want all of the "treasure" found today to go to waste. But this time there's also a list or two with some notes. Not terribly extensive lists, but lists all the same.

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So the making of lists at work had served as a pretty good distraction while *at* work. But then he'd run in to Anders on his way back to the dorms. And now Anders was gone. Which means that between him leaving today, and Isabel and Wyatt leaving yesterday, tonight is very much a night for moping. And ice cream. He hadn't really felt like going back to the dorms at *all* tonight after seeing Anders off, so RIC's hanging out on the living room floor, lying down with his head resting on his front paws and managing, somehow, to look mournful. Despite the fact that he's not actually capable of things like facial expressions.

[pour le fiance, svp]
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Okay, so the training parts hadn't been *that* bad, and the whole promotion thing had definitely made the trip worth it. Still, Bridge is nevertheless very glad to be back in Fandom. Fandom which is still oddly chillier than it had been for the past few weeks.

"I'm hoooooome," he calls out cheerfully as he lets himself in to the apartment.

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[ profile] screwyoumarvel's internets are currently dead like a dead thing with no ETA when it comes to resurrection. As such, this is just a heads-up that tomorrow's Arts & Crafts may be posted a bit late.
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Goodbyes in general were hard things, and Bridge knows that if *he's* feeling unhappy about certain goodbyes that had happened today in particular, there's someone who'd probably be feeling even worse.

Which is why he's not spending tonight in the cabins, and is instead unlocking the door to that someone's apartment and making his way over to the couch where that someone- also known as Xander- is currently sitting and eating ice cream.

"Hey," he says quietly, sliding on to the couch. "You up for sharing?" there a few ways that question could be taken, and he meant all of them.
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Being that he'd found himself somewhat... smaller and fuzzier than normal, last night, Bridge had gone home with Xander instead of back to the cabins.

So he'd gone to sleep four-legged and fuzzy, and now he was waking up... four-legged and fuzzy. Not too unusual, really.

Except for the part where he was significantly larger than he had been as a ferret.

He reaches out with one gloved hoof to nudge the other, um. Pony. In the bed.

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Thursdays without library duty were still weird, and so Bridge had spent most of the day trying to keep himself busy with a current project or two. Including a toaster for Mr. Stark, since he had promised and all.

On top of the feeling of unsettledness due to a lack of work, there was something else nagging at him about this day in *particular*. Something important had happened, or would happen, today, he remembered. He just couldn't remember *what*. Which makes sense since the first time he'd lived through this particular date, he'd been three. And a half.

Which is why he's now sprawled on his bed, laptop open and looking through today's news stories.

Oh. Yeah. That.

And now he's grinning kind of a lot.

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Dinner had been nice- Greek food, obviously, at a little place in Thira- and now Bridge and Xander were taking advantage of the locale to do something that departed just a little from their usual method of celebrating: a boat tour.

"See, told you this was a good idea," Bridge says. Not that Xander had ever said it *wasn't*.

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Bridge's dreams last night had started out normal enough (except for maybe that bit about the penguin). Sometime during the night, though, they'd taken a turn for the sinister.

He doesn't remember much about the dreams, just that they'd been bad enough to cause him to push himself as far away from the other occupant of the bed as possible.

That, and the screaming. He remembers the screaming, because he can still hear it, even now that he's awake.

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In alphabetical order, we have:

Bridge Carson )

Carmela Rodriguez )

And of course, the new kid: Wes Collins )
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After the Gods final, Bridge heads right back to his room to begin studying for Tactics. Not that he's entirely sure notes are going to be helpful for a final that's most likely going to be a practical, but he's still gonna try.

The door's propped open a bit, though, because, well... okay, because even though he *does* like studying, Bridge is also the kind of person who would welcome a temporary distraction.

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Bridge? Is sound asleep curled up with the other occupant of the bed. None of this "slowly starting to wake up" crap here. It's still waaaaay too early for that.

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So in a couple hours I'm going to be on my way to meet up with a [ profile] kawalsky! I'm not sure what the Internets situation is going to be like where we're staying for the weekend, so Bridge is spending the weekend being sick, and Carmela's holed up in her room practicing the various languages she's been introduced to via the language club. Sure, her fridge doesn't speak Karsite, but that's not stopping her from holding mock conversations with it!

Should be home by Monday with a Kawalsky still in tow, so might be around slightly less than usual but I'm fairly sure there'll be time for FH, all things considered ;)
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Sleeping in on Fridays isn't something all that unusual for Bridge, with no classes and all. However, he's usually at least up and about by noon. Today? Not so much.

Yesterday's "slightly less energetic" has turned in to a full-blown case of sniffly, sneezy, achey, feverish, so-not-getting-out-of-bed-today-thanks, which is why Bridge is curled up under the covers into a ball of miserable.

It's too bad, really. If he'd been more aware of things, he might have been able to sense certain changes happening around him.

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Bridge scrambles out of bed, hitting the floor with a slight *thump* in his enthusiasm to be up! and awake! and doing stuff! He wanders over to Anders' bed and pokes tentatively at the sleeping form, which gets no response other than an incoherent mumble.

Not too terribly pleased about the fact that his friend doesn't want to get up and play, Bridge flops down to the floor in a huff. Which lasts all of two seconds before he's jumping up again because he just got the best idea ever, he can go visit Xander! He gets dressed all by himself, thanks, and grabs Tedgiraffe from the bed and tucks him under his arm before heading out of the room.

Eventually he arrives at Xander's apartment. And he doesn't knock, of course. He's got a key all his own and he's allowed to use it whenever he wants! He lets himself in and then, because it's morning and he hasn't had breakfast and he's hungry and probably Xander is too, he heads straight for the kitchen... )

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Yeah, so... Bridge hasn't been back to his room since getting back from London, instead mostly hanging out at Xander's apartment since class on Monday. But there's some things he needs to grab and he feels bad for foisting pet-care duty on the roomie for half the week already... and besides, he really kinda misses said pets.

Which is why Cam-Mollusc is currently in his little hamster ball thing playing a game with RIC- the game mostly consists of RIC batting nudging the ball with his nose and the little squid flailing excitedly as he rolls around the room. And Bridge? Bridge is currently holding a conversation with the lovebirds. Okay, it's not so much a conversation as he doesn't actually speak lovebird, but he's talking to them about how awesome they are and how glad he is to see them.

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