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From the outside, the building looks just like an ordinary office tower, no different from the others on this street.

The inside, though, is a different story. Inside the building is where the current headquarters of the SPD Earth branch is located. In a few years, with the creation of Newtech City, SPD will go public. But for now, they remain secret.

Shh, sekrit! )

[Preplayed with the most excellent [ profile] multiplez, [ profile] futurebucs_star, [ profile] tatooine_doofus, and [ profile] needsaparrot. Coding once again by the wonderful [ profile] needsaparrot. NFB due to distance, but OOC is welcome.]
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Today had been... well, to say it had been hard would have been something of an understatement. Saying goodbye to both Xander and Callisto had *hurt*.

So now Bridge is back in his room. Jeremiah and Cam-Mollusc are sitting on the shelf he'd cleared off for them, pressed up against the glass of their respective tanks and just watching each other.

And Bridge? Bridge is curled up on his bed, gloves off and paging through the scrapbook that Xander had made.

Right now, he doesn't feel up to talking to anyone. Too bad he didn't notice that he hadn't actually shut his door all the way.

[ooc: locked to the two who know who they are.]
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Bridge had a date in a few hours.

Bridge was, in the meantime, in his room.

Bridge was maybe pacing nervously.

The door? Closed, but unlocked.

[ooc: specifically for a few certain people, though anyone is welcome to stop by.]
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Bridge is, for once, not building something.

Instead he's taking things apart, and slowly and methodically sorting all the bits and pieces into various piles.

In other words, he's just generally keeping himself busy and finding excuses to avoid interacting with people in public.

[door's closed, but open for interaction. maybe.]
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Bridge unlocks his door and then brings out a stack of plastic cups, a couple of bottles of pop, and a bottle of spacevodka before taking a seat on one of the beds.

"Okay then. Everyone know the rules?"


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