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Taking a cue from [ profile] saltandammo (read as "totally stealing her idea"), if you would like a Christmas/Holiday card from me please comment here! Comments are screened, despite the presence of visible comments, because SOME PEOPLE THINK THEY ARE FUNNY. *sticks tongue out*
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In alphabetical order, we have:

Bridge Carson )

Carmela Rodriguez )

And of course, the new kid: Wes Collins )
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On Bridge Carson )

On Adventures )

Info Post on Carmela coming to a friendslist near you... uh. Sometime. But I wanted to get this up ASAP.
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Okay! As some of you know, and some of you don't know... every once and a while Bridge leads adventures up to the sixth floor to explore the general weirdness of some of the rooms up there.

Annnnnyway, because I've had a couple of questions about the matter, I just wanted to make a post explaining how they're closed-but-not-really plots.

They're "closed" in the sense that they really only work if there's a limited number of people (around 6-8, no more than 12) participating in the post, just because it's not the kind of thing that can be SPed into the next day.

But- anyone is welcome to participate in an adventure, as long as you've let me know *beforehand* that you'd like to come along. And then, next time I'm planning one, I'll IM/email you to see if you'll be around for when I'm going to hold it. Let me know you'll be there, show up and play in the post, and that's all there is to it!

Usually, I start adventures late afternoon PST, but my schedule is shifting around and I'll soon be available in the mornings, so the next one will *likely* start early enough so that those of you in later timezones can come and play too :)
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All you need to know about Bridge! )

Edited to add in some stuff about his very limited wardrobe ;)


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