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After handwavily leaving a message for Rory, Bridge is waiting in his room.

If you asked, Bridge would deny he was pacing.

He was totally pacing.

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His room's been tidied, RIC has a DVD loaded, and there's pizza and popcorn.

With everything all ready, Bridge heads down the hallway to Rory's room to pick her up. Not at all nervous, no. Really.

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Today had been... well, to say it had been hard would have been something of an understatement. Saying goodbye to both Xander and Callisto had *hurt*.

So now Bridge is back in his room. Jeremiah and Cam-Mollusc are sitting on the shelf he'd cleared off for them, pressed up against the glass of their respective tanks and just watching each other.

And Bridge? Bridge is curled up on his bed, gloves off and paging through the scrapbook that Xander had made.

Right now, he doesn't feel up to talking to anyone. Too bad he didn't notice that he hadn't actually shut his door all the way.

[ooc: locked to the two who know who they are.]
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Duffel bag slung over one shoulder, Bridge punches in his keycode and enters his room. Flinging the bag in a random direction, he collapses face-first onto the bed.


It had been a *long* week. A week that had resulted in his uniform ending up rather... unwearable. So here he was, dressed in jeans and a shirt that B-Squad's Green Ranger had generously donated.

Still, as nice as it had been to see his teammates again, he was glad to be back at school. With time to relax before heading off to class, even. Excellent.

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Bridge is sprawled on his bed, notebook open to a set of diagrams, and is tinkering with an array of different mechanical things in attempt to make them resemble... whatever it is he's diagrammed in the book.

On the other bed is a box that had arrived this morning. The return address lists the name "Sydney Drew" and a location that's... well, it's definitely not from this planet.

[ooc: door is unlocked!]
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Bridge unlocks his door and then brings out a stack of plastic cups, a couple of bottles of pop, and a bottle of spacevodka before taking a seat on one of the beds.

"Okay then. Everyone know the rules?"
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"Mmmphurgle..." Bridge muttered as his alarm went off. "Wha?" He blinked sleepily. For one, he was not in pyjamas- he was, in fact, still wearing the same uniform that he'd been wearing yesterday. Two... there was someone else in the room.



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