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[ooc: Mostly establishy, though if anyone is experiencing a bout of insomnia and would like to catch any of the three on their way to the causeway, they're welcome to. Posted much later than late-thirty because *I* am definitely not insomniac.

ETA: This was all here the whole time. Really. Non-Fandom parts NFB for distance, in-Fandom stuff is fair game.]
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Saturday mornings were, generally speaking, for sleeping in as long as possible (which really isn't that long, given that he's got work today). Well, or for random transformation-related weirdness to strike the island, but right now Bridge is unaware of anything like that occuring and so there's just the sleeping.

Hahahahaha, not for long. )

[Pre-played with [ profile] needsaparrot. OOC is made of delicious chocolate. The good kind with the toy surprise inside.]
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Saturday mornings were, generally speaking, for sleeping in as long as possible (which really isn't that long, given that he's got work today). Well, or for random transformation-related weirdness to strike the island, but right now Bridge is unaware of anything like that occuring and so there's just the sleeping.
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Okay, so the training parts hadn't been *that* bad, and the whole promotion thing had definitely made the trip worth it. Still, Bridge is nevertheless very glad to be back in Fandom. Fandom which is still oddly chillier than it had been for the past few weeks.

"I'm hoooooome," he calls out cheerfully as he lets himself in to the apartment.

[ooc: for he whose home this actually is.]
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Bridge scrambles out of bed, hitting the floor with a slight *thump* in his enthusiasm to be up! and awake! and doing stuff! He wanders over to Anders' bed and pokes tentatively at the sleeping form, which gets no response other than an incoherent mumble.

Not too terribly pleased about the fact that his friend doesn't want to get up and play, Bridge flops down to the floor in a huff. Which lasts all of two seconds before he's jumping up again because he just got the best idea ever, he can go visit Xander! He gets dressed all by himself, thanks, and grabs Tedgiraffe from the bed and tucks him under his arm before heading out of the room.

Eventually he arrives at Xander's apartment. And he doesn't knock, of course. He's got a key all his own and he's allowed to use it whenever he wants! He lets himself in and then, because it's morning and he hasn't had breakfast and he's hungry and probably Xander is too, he heads straight for the kitchen... )

[OOC: Preplayed with the BF of Non-Weeness. NFI, OOC=WHEE! Wee whee.]
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Working late wasn't exactly an unusual occurrence for Bridge- he often got so engrossed in a project that he didn't notice the passage of time. Today, however, the decision to stay late at the garage had been a deliberate one, because as long as he had something to occupy his hands and his mind, he didn't have to stop and think about what day it is.

And so it is that it's not till well into the evening that he makes his way back to the hotel, even more grease-and-oil covered than usual.

He's barely inside the lobby when the doorman hands him a thick envelope. )
[Pre-played with [ profile] needsparrot, stasis what stasis timeline, OOC A-OK.]
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From the outside, the building looks just like an ordinary office tower, no different from the others on this street.

The inside, though, is a different story. Inside the building is where the current headquarters of the SPD Earth branch is located. In a few years, with the creation of Newtech City, SPD will go public. But for now, they remain secret.

Shh, sekrit! )

[Preplayed with the most excellent [ profile] multiplez, [ profile] futurebucs_star, [ profile] tatooine_doofus, and [ profile] needsaparrot. Coding once again by the wonderful [ profile] needsaparrot. NFB due to distance, but OOC is welcome.]
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With the Neptune Invasion having cleared out, and Xander himself ushered out of the apartment earlier that day, MCA number zero is quieter than it has been in *days*. Which suits Bridge just fine, because this whole Christmas cooking thing is still new to him, lessons from Ronan or not.

The crutches are abandoned early on as Bridge realises it's sort of impossible to carry things while using them. Luckily, his ankle's healed up well enough that it's strong enough to stand on for limited periods of time.

But finally, *finally*, he's done and on the table sits a turkey, stuffing, and mashed potatoes. Nothing too elaborate, but still more food than the two of them could probably eat in one meal. And of course there's also dessert: apple crisp and ice cream.

[ooc: for he who owns the apartment.]
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Much like Saturday morning, when Monday morning rolls around, Bridge is still mostly asleep and curled up comfortably with the bed's other occupant.

*Unlike* Saturday morning, the way they'd fallen asleep this time was actually comfortable for *both* of them. Well. There's also the fact that once again, he knows who he is. Not that he's really concerned with that at the moment, because oooh, snuggly.

[ooc: for the not-a-pirate-guy who lives here.]
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After closing up the library for the day, Bridge heads over to Xander's on a mission. A mission to cook a dinner that would not involve any replicating of food. Well, okay, maybe a little replicating. If there was no other option. Because it's the 13th and that's usually anniversary-day but this month it's also Rosh Hashannah, but that kind of works out nicely since there's no one else in Fandom Bridge would rather spend tonight with anyway.

[ooc: for he who owns this apartment, yes.]
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It had really not been a great day. Whatever Umbridge had done to him, it didn't seem to be wearing off at all. He'd even tried drinking all sorts of liquids in an effort to make his throat feel somewhat better, but that didn't help much. And because it hurt to talk, he couldn't exactly *call* Xander and explain what had happened. He'd have to do it in person. Of course this meant breaking the same rule that he's currently being punished for breaking before.

Which is why he's knocking at Xander's door come evening time. Only there's no answer. After waiting what he deems a sufficient amount of time, he opens the door using the key Xander had given him a while ago.

"Xander?" he calls out loud as he enters the apartment. And then immediately regrets it as his throat starts hurting worse again. An inspection of the apartment reveals that Xander is most definitely not there. So with a pitcher of water and the television turned on and showing something random, he curls up on the couch and sort of half pays attention to the screen as he waits.

[ooc: for he who owns the apartment that was modded with permission.]
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It's not until the next morning that Bridge and Xander realise that not only did the portal spit them out at oh-dark-thirty the previous night, it spat them out at oh-dark-thirty *Wednesday* night. When they'd left on Tuesday. And it's now Thursday morning, the table is set for brunch, and everyone is sitting down around the table full of non-Synthetron-made food.

Cut for tables literal and otherwise )

[OOC: preplayed with [ profile] needsaparrot and [ profile] futurebucs_star. TBC in comments. Otherwise NFI and also NFB and NFM (Not For Monkeys). OMG TLAs.]
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Bridge has the tent pitched, a fire going, and is practicing tying different types of knots with a length of rope for Scouting class while he waits for Xander.

He hasn't yet noticed that the sounds of the nearby forest seem to be a bit out of the ordinary tonight.

[ooc: for the boyfriend-shaped-person.]
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There's a Bridge on the beach with a blanket and a basket of food. Now all he needs is the boyfriend.
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Bridge has a blanket spread out on the sand and takeout cartons from Ching Tai arranged on the blanket. Now all he needs is the person he's set this up *for*.

[ooc: for the guy with the eyepatch Watcher ...boyfriend.]
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Bridge is tired, frustrated, and on the verge of getting a headache as he stomps up the stairs and flung open the door to their room in the hotel. The search so far had turned up absolutely *nothing*, and Bridge didn't want to admit it, but what with Los Angeles being... considerably more crowded than Fandom, that many people in that close proximity was just overwhelming when he was trying to track someone.
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Even though he hadn't been the one saying goodbye to everyone, the day had still been kind of tiring, from an emotional point of view. The fashion show in the fifth floor common room had provided an... interesting change of pace, at least.

But now it was much later, and the door was closed and it was just the two of them.

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"I can't believe you never actually met Earl," Bridge gives Xander a somewhat sheepish look as the two of them leave the second floor common room to head up to the sixth floor.

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Bridge tosses restlessly in his sleep. Falling asleep without the gloves on may have seemed like a good idea at the time, but he was finding out that it really was not.

In the dreaming... )

Bridge wakes with an unhappy whimper, his hands instinctively reaching out to grab Xander, to bring him *back*...
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Bridge is practically bouncing as he leads the way to the flight simulator.

"So remember yesterday when I said I had a mission?" he says to Xander.

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