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[ooc: Mostly establishy, though if anyone is experiencing a bout of insomnia and would like to catch any of the three on their way to the causeway, they're welcome to. Posted much later than late-thirty because *I* am definitely not insomniac.

ETA: This was all here the whole time. Really. Non-Fandom parts NFB for distance, in-Fandom stuff is fair game.]
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From the outside, the building looks just like an ordinary office tower, no different from the others on this street.

The inside, though, is a different story. Inside the building is where the current headquarters of the SPD Earth branch is located. In a few years, with the creation of Newtech City, SPD will go public. But for now, they remain secret.

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[Preplayed with the most excellent [ profile] multiplez, [ profile] futurebucs_star, [ profile] tatooine_doofus, and [ profile] needsaparrot. Coding once again by the wonderful [ profile] needsaparrot. NFB due to distance, but OOC is welcome.]
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He'd spent most of the day mingling at the Welcome Picnic, but after stopping by Cam's room to say goodbye, Bridge heads next door to his room to gather up a few things he'd forgotten to bring with him to the cabins yesterday. Like his laptop. That he's currently sprawled out on his bed *using* said laptop instead of packing it up to the cabins? Irrelevant. It's then that a little blinking envelope appears in one corner, letting him know that he's got a new message.

Curious, he opens his email program... and then he sees who the email is *from*. He places a handwavey phone call, and now he's just waiting, frowning at that unopened email.

[for le teammate, plz.]
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The door's wide open, so anyone wandering by might be able to hear some annoyed cursing, and possibly catch sight of some of the room's contents as they fly from one side to the other.
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After moving his stuff over from 227, and hanging out with his cabinmates in the common room, Bridge is currently sprawled on his bed, the curtain pulled back, and is writing in a notebook. Every once and a while, he absently tosses a ball down the cabin hallway for RIC.

[ooc: open, but responses may be slowish for a while]


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